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The Consulate-General of People's Republic of China in San Francisco holds 2017 China-U.S. Infrastructure Cooperation Forum

On June 22nd 2017, the Consulate-General of People’s Republic of China in San Francisco held 2017 China-U.S. Infrastructure Cooperation Forum.The forum focused on the opportunities in the U.S. infrastructure market, the infrastructure cooperation choices between China and the United States, the advantages of Chinese enterprises in overseas infrastructure projects, the discussion of “The Belt and Road” and other hot topics. Consul General of P.R.C. to San Francisco Luo Linquan attended the event and delivered keynote speeches.

Luo Linquan delivered keynote speeches

Luo Linquan mentioned, China and United Stated are the world largest developing country and developed country respectively. The two countries have their own comparative advantages in economic and trade cooperation, forming highly complementary relationship, and providing broad space and strong impetus for pragmatic cooperation. In recent years, bilateral economic and trade cooperation has been expanded and the mutual interests reached an unprecedented depth and breadth. China-U.S. cooperation in the field of infrastructure is expected to become new features in China-U.S. economic and trade cooperation.

Consul General Luo pointed out that the forum was not only to build a communication platform for the companies from both countries, but also to implement the consensus of the heads of states of China and the U.S. to strengthen the local cooperation on infrastructure. He also brought up four suggestions to further strengthen infrastructure cooperation between China and the five states in the Consular District. First of all, both sides could strengthen communication to establish smooth flow of information exchange mechanism to match the Chinese investment desire and U.S. infrastructure opportunities. Second, both sides could discuss further on the efficient model of China-U.S. cooperation in the field of infrastructure. Third, both sides could build cooperation platform for diverse areas of infrastructure. Lastly, welcome to participate the Belt and Road initiative.


Dr. Fan Dai, the special representative of Governor of California and Dennis Richardson, Secretary of State Oregon attended the event and delivered remarks. Other invited speakers were from California Transportation Agency, California Department of Transportation, GO-Biz, Port of Seattle and Port of Portland. They introduced their potential local infrastructure cooperation projects to the Chinese counterparts. Mr. Gao Chunhai, the representative of Chinese entrepreneurs introduced the capacity and advantage of the Chinese oversea companies in infrastructure.



In the panels discussion, both Chinese and American enterprises actively discussed and exchanged opinions on the potential cooperation between the two countries and the comparative advantages of Chinese enterprises in the field of international infrastructure cooperation. During the forum, the organizers also provided communication platform of future infrastructure projects for all enterprises. Through information exchange, project introduction, and business discussion, both sides deepened understanding and enhanced cooperation.


More than 200 people attended the forum including the multiple major city mayors from the bay area, 60 U.S. infrastructure managers together with project owners, and more than 140 Chinese representatives from infrastructure-related companies and departments. The event was moderated by Chinese Economic and Commercial Counselor Dr. Yihang Yang.

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