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New economic zone emerges along Qinghai-Tibet railway

As the highest railway in the world, the Qinghai-Tibet railway has once set a buzz worldwide, ignited idea conflicts among experts and ordinary people. Now, five years passed, this magic project has gradually shown its power in promoting local economy and social progress.

Highland economic zones

Hua Mei Industrial Park is a typical economic center along the Qinghai-Tibet railway. The park is a trial zone of Qaidam recycling economy, focusing on producing coke and cleaned coal.

"Our output is going to reach 10 million tons", said deputy manager of the enterprise, "if the railway transportation is not supportive enough, it's very difficult to maintain such a big enterprise." He told the reporter that the initiative of choosing this location is because of the availability of Qinghai-Tibet railway.

Logistics center

In a logistics center of Nagqu Prefecture, a 25-year-old Tibetan boy is uploading "5100 Spring Water" to the train. The water will circulate through the Qinghai-Tibet railway to the whole country.

Nagqu logistics center is a comprehensive modern logistics base located in the highest place of the world. This 8000-mu (about 533 hectares) center has inked entry contracts with 28 enterprises after it was opened in 2009. The production of these companies varies in industry, from food to tanning.

Depending on the Qinghai-Tibet railway, Nagqu locistics center radiates to Lhasa, Qamdo, Ngari, Shigatse, Sichuan provinces, Yunnan Province, and even the Europe-Asia land road.

Statistics shows that since Qinghai-Tibet railway was n fully operated from 2006 to 2010, the GDP of Qinghai Province has gone up from 64.105 billion yuan to 134.2 billion yuan. And Tibet's GDP also sees an increase from 34.2 billion yuan to 50 billion a 10 percent rise annually.

The Qinghai-Tibet railway starts from Xining, capital of Qinghai and reaches Lhasa, capital of Tibet, stretching for 1956 kilometers. It is the highest and longest plateau railway in the world.

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