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Tibet Reports Fast Economic Growth (12/24/01)

The gross domestic product (GDP) of Tibet this year is expected to grow by 12.2, sources at an ongoing economic conference in the Tibet Autonomous Region said on December 24.


The region's GDP in 2001 is expected to realise 13.79 billion yuan (U.S.$1.66 billion ), with a local revenue of 580 million yuan (U.S.$69.88 million ).


The region's stable development was mainly attributed to the readjustment of the industrial structure. Apart from the traditional farming and stock raising, the region has developed township business and other diversified industries.


Meanwhile, the heavy investment from the central government in infrastructure, such as transportation, power and telecommunication facilities, has ensured the healthy growth. More than 100 big projects are under construction.


In addition, the successful reforms in state-owned enterprises and in government organizations have improved the investment environment in Tibet.


People's living standards have been improved. The average disposable income of city dwellers is expected to reach 7,090 yuan (U.S.$ 854 ), and that for farmers, 1,410 yuan (U.S.$ 170 ).



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