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Central Government Aids Boost Economy in Tibet (05/26/01)

The great efforts made by the Central Government of China to help Tibet develop its economy over the past decades have produced encouraging results.


In 1985, the first 43 assistance projects began and in 1996, another 62 started. These projects, all badly needed in the region, are focused on the development of the regional agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, energy resources, transportation, postal service and telecommunications.


Great benefits have been brought to the people in Tibet. Their living standards improved remarkably. Urban residents can enjoy TV programs through various channels. Farmers and herdsmen in remote areas have access to electricity. Schools are equipped with modern facilities and children study in bright classrooms.


Last year, the region scored a gross domestic product of US$1.066 billion. The total grain output was about 850,000 tons, 5 times more than that of 4 decades ago. The output of meat has risen to 127,000 tons annually, about 8 times that of 1951.The registered a foreign trade volume was US$110 million. Over 90,000 overseas travelers visited the region, bringing about a revenue of US$31.32 million.








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