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Spokesperson Kong Quan's Remarks on Powell's Statement on Taiwan's Referendum Topics


Q: US Secretary of States Colin Powell was interviewed by Phoenix TV after Chen Shuibian announced on January 16 the two topics of the "March 20 Referendum". What is your comment on Powell's remarks?

A: Chen Shuibian, in disregard of the immediate interest of the Taiwan people and the universal opposition of the international community and under the banner of peace and democracy, is bent on promoting the so-called referendum that provokes antagonism across the Taiwan Straits and undermines the cross-Strait relations. This is a unilateral provocation against the peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits and its essence is to make way for Taiwan's independence in the name of referendum in the future. We are strongly opposed to his splittist act of drifting further along the road of "Taiwan's independence".

We note that President Bush has already clearly stated that the US side adheres to the one-China policy, abides by the three Sino-US Joint Communiqués and opposes to "Taiwan's independence". He has also clearly said that the US side opposes to any words or acts of the Taiwan leaders aimed at changing its status quo. The US officials have also reaffirmed this position on many occasions afterwards. We urge the US side to abide by its commitments and continue to clearly oppose any move of the Taiwan side aimed at independence by using referendum.
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