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Joint Statement Between China and Vietnam
1 June 2008

1. At the invitation of Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and President of the People's Republic of China, Nong Duc Manh, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), paid an official goodwill visit to the People's Republic of China between 30 May and 2 June 2008. During the visit, General Secretary and President Hu Jintao held talks with General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and Chairman Wu Bangguo of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council and Chairman Jia Qinglin of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) met with him separately. Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping attended the relevant activities. General Secretary Nong Duc Manh also toured the Beijing Olympic venues and visited Jiangsu Province.

The two sides updated each other on the development of their respective parties and countries in a candid and friendly atmosphere. They had an in-depth exchange of views and reached broad common understanding on relations between the two parties and the two countries and on regional and international issues of mutual interest. Both sides believed that the visit is a full success and will exert a positive and far-reaching impact on the all-round and in-depth development of China-Vietnam relations in the new era and on regional and world peace and development.

2. The two sides emphasized that their respective paths of socialism with distinct national features are the right choices that serve the fundamental interests of the two peoples. The Vietnamese side highly commended China's remarkable achievements in its reform and opening-up endeavor over the past three decades and believed that the Chinese people will score new and greater achievements in building socialism with Chinese characteristics and acheive success in reaching the goal of achieving moderate prosperity in all aspects. The Chinese side highly commended Vietnam's major historic achievements in its reform and believed that the Vietnamese people will make new and greater achievements in socialist development and successfully attain the goal of prosperity, social equity, democracy and civility.

The Vietnamese side expressed deep sympathies and sincere solicitude for the heavy loss of life and property caused by the devastating earthquake in China's Sichuan Province, and believed that the brotherly Chinese people can soon overcome the disaster and rebuild their homes. The Vietnamese side applauded the excellent preparatory work of the Chinese Government and people for hosting the Beijing Olympic Games and expressed its readiness to continue to render China full support. The Chinese side expressed heartfelt thanks for Vietnam's friendship and support.

3. The two sides expressed satisfaction with the fruitful outcomes of their good-neighborliness and comprehensive cooperation in recent years. They reiterated that the traditional friendship between China and Vietnam, a valuable asset of the two parties, the two countries and the two peoples, should be carefully maintained and carried forward. The two sides agreed to develop the China-Vietnam comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation, firmly keep to the right direction in growing the relations and ensure long-term, stable and healthy growth of the bilateral ties as each other's good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners under the guiding principle of long-term stability, forward looking, good-neighborly friendship and comprehensive cooperation. The two sides stated that they will continue to support and help each other in all areas, enhance comprehensive mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, promote common development and successfully advance socialist development in their respective countries. They will earnestly act on the agreement reached between their leaders, vigorously cooperate with each other and properly handle and settle the existing problems in their relations in a spirit of keeping to the overall interests, friendly consultations, being equitable and reasonable and seeking mutual benefit and win-win. They will intensify coordination and cooperation in regional and international affairs and promote the building of an Asia and a world enjoying enduring peace and common prosperity.

4. The two sides reaffirmed their commitment to the fine tradition of close high-level contacts between the two parties and countries and announced the establishment of a hotline between their leaders. The two sides agreed to give full play to the role of the China-Vietnam Steering Committee for Bilateral Cooperation in making overall planning and promoting all-round bilateral cooperation. The two sides agreed to set up an exchange and cooperation mechanism between the relevant departments of the central committees of the two parties and deepen their exchanges on party and state governance and socialist theories and practices, continue to do a good job with the seminar on theories of the two parties and boost cooperation in training party and government officials. The two sides agreed to promote the effectiveness of cooperation mechanisms between agencies of foreign affairs, defence, public security and national security of the two countries and expand practical cooperation in the economic, trade, scientific, technological, cultural, educational and other fields. The two sides also agreed to vigorously expand friendly exchanges between young people, social organizations and civil societies of the two countries and assist each other in educating their people on the traditional friendship between the two countries.

5. The two sides expressed satisfaction with the good development momentum of their business ties in recent years. They agreed to continue to implement the Agreement on Expanding and Deepening Bilateral Economic Cooperation and Trade, step up the consultations on signing and implementing the China-Vietnam Five-Year Development Plan for Economic Cooperation and Trade, identify key cooperation areas and projects, and elevate and expand their business ties. The two sides agreed to actively explore new growth points in the bilateral trade, maintain fast growth of two-way trade and at the same time adopt effective measures to improve trade mix to achieve balanced development in a spirit of complementarity, mutual benefit and win-win results. The two sides will actively support and encourage enterprises of the two countries to carry out long-term mutually beneficial cooperation in infrastructure, manufacturing, human resources development, energy, mineral processing and other key fields. The two countries will step up cooperation in the Dak Nong aluminium mining project, projects within the framework of the "Two Corridors and One Ring" and other major projects. The two sides reiterated that they will strengthen cooperation in the WTO and other regional, inter-regional, and international economic mechanisms.

The two sides signed the Agreement Between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on Cooperation in Plant Protection and Quarantine, the Agreement Between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on Cooperation Regarding Strengthening Animal Quarantine and Health and relevant economic cooperation and trade agreements, including an agreement under which China will provide concessional loans and export buyer's credit to Vietnam.

6. The two sides expressed satisfaction with the basic completion of the land boundary survey. They agreed to coordinate more closely with each other to settle the remaining issues, earnestly accelerate their work to ensure that the goal of completing the survey and erecting boundary markers along the entire land boundary between China and Vietnam will be accomplished within this year as scheduled and sign the documents on a new boundary management system at an early date with a view to making the land boundary a bond of peace, friendship and cooperation. The two sides will continue to implement the Beibu Bay Demarcation Agreement and the Agreement on Fishery Cooperation in the Beibu Bay and carry out joint inspection in the fishing zone, joint survey of fishery resources, and joint naval patrols. The two sides will accelerate the implementation of the Framework Agreement on Oil and Natural Gas Cooperation in Agreed Zones in the Beibu Bay, and strive to achieve early substantive results in their cooperation in cross-border oil and gas exploration and exploitation. They will keep order in fishery production and actively carry out coopeartion in fishing, environmental protection and maritime search and rescue in the Beibu Bay. They will steadily push forward negotiations on the demarcation in the waters outside the mouth of the Beibu Bay, actively discuss the joint development in this area and launch a joint survey in the area at an early date. The two sides agreed to strictly act on the relevant agreement reached between the two countries' top leaders, jointly maintain stability in the South China Sea, maintain the negotiation mechanisms for maritime issues, and remain committed to seeking a basic, long-term and mutually acceptable solution through peaceful negotiations. At the same time, they will actively study and discuss the issue of joint development to find a suitable model and areas.

7. The Vietnamese side reiterated that it firmly adheres to the one China policy, supports China's great cause of reunification, resolutely opposes any form of separatist activities for "Taiwan independence" and will never develop any official relations with Taiwan. The Chinese side expressed its appreciation of Vietnam's position.

8. The two sides expressed satisfaction with their cooperation in regional and international affairs and reiterated that they will continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation at the United Nations, APEC, the ASEAN plus China and other multilateral frameworks to jointly safeguard and promote world peace, prosperity and development.

9. General Secretary Nong Duc Manh expressed sincere thanks to General Secretary and President Hu Jintao, the CPC, the Chinese Government and the Chinese people for their grand, warm, and friendly reception and invited General Secretary and President Hu Jintao to visit Vietnam again at an early date. Hu Jintao expressed thanks for the invitation and accepted it with pleasure.

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