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Remarks by Consul General Luo Linquan at the Opening Ceremony of the exhibition of Forgotten Camp: Allied Prisoners of War of Shenyang

On November 21, Chinese Consul General to San Francisco Luo Linquan attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition of Forgotten Camp: Allied Prisoners of War of Shenyang and delivered remarks. The exhibition was presented by Site Museum of Shenyang POW Camp of WWII Allied Forces, Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco,China Daily, and WWII Pacific War Memorial Hall.

Below are remarks by Consul General Luo at the ceremony.


Honorable Mr.Ji Tao, 

Honorable Madame Fan Lihong,

Honorable Madame Florence Fang,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,


It is my great pleasure to join you at the WWII Pacific War Memorial Hall to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition of Forgotten Camp: Allied Prisoners of War (POWs) of Shenyang. 


Few of the POW Camps established by the Japanese army during WWII left. So the exhibition today offers us a real good opportunity to learn about that chapter of history. The exhibiton shows the tenacious struggle of the allied POWs, many of them Americans, against the Japanese army. It also shows the special friendship built between the POWs and their Chinese coworkers in those POW-labored factories.Although facing great difficulties and grave danger themselves, the latter risked their lives to offer the former food and medicines and even helped them escape.


While we have the opportunity to look back and revisit that part of history, there are lessons to be learned and spirits to be carried on.


First, the preciousness of peace. WWII, the dark time of human history, caused  numerous tragedies and untold sufferings to humankind. Today, nations could have differences on  issues, but we shall not allow a war, instead of communication and collaboration, to be the path to solve the differences. Another global war should never happen again. 


Second,the spirit of optimism. Even in the dark days of harsh living condition, inhuman torture, ubiquitous hunger and pervasive disease, the allied POWs didn't give up hope.Today, the efforts to develop China-US relationship may sometimes face challenges and even setbacks, but we shall never lose confidence and optimism in this great relationship. No matter what the situation is, we should ensure bilateral ties develop in the right direction for the benefits of our two peoples.


Third, the friendship among peoples.The friendship between the POWs and their Chinese workmates, the friendship of fighting shoulder-to-shoulder in that war, could transcend geographical distance and ups-and-downs of history. Many US POWs revisited Shenyang to look for their Chinese friends or their offspring with gratitude in the past years. The US Department of State also issued certificates of recognition in 2005 to recognize those brave Chinese who risked their lives to help the US POWs.


Of course, remembrance of that war is not intended to carry on hatred but to caution the world against repeating the past tragedies and to better safeguard world peace. What we have learned from the past will help us to make the right choices for the future. 

As the biggest developing country and the biggest developed country in the world, China and the United States should commit ourselves to fostering a new type of major-country relationship rooted in mutual respect and cooperation, rather than confrontation and conflict, and keep optimistic in face of ups and downs of this relationship and push forward people-to-people exchanges which form the foundation of a strong and durable bilateral relationship.


Facing the complicated challenges of the world today, our common commitment to the above-mentioned rules and principles would lead us through the vicissitudes of international situation and protect the hard-earned world peace. After all, peace and prosperity should be the ultimate goal of countries around the world.


Thank you!

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