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Deputy Consul General Ren Faqiang Attends the Opening Ceremony of Hou Ning's Oil Paintings Exhibit

On April 29, 2019, Chinese Deputy Consul General to San Francisco Ren Faqiang attended the opening ceremony of Mr. Hou Ning's oil paintings exhibit "Maverick"at Silicon Valley Asian Art Center. Mr. & Mrs. Hou Ning, Mr. David J. Canepa, Supervisor of County of San Mateo, Mr. Shu Jianhua, Director of Silicon Valley Asian Art Center, Mr. Francisco Hsieh, Executive Director of US-China Friendship City Network, and parents of Ms. Iris Chang, the author of The Rape of Nanking, as well as more than 50 guests attended the event.

Deputy Consul General Ren Faqiang gave remarks

Deputy Consul General Ren Faqiang remarked that having stayed in San Francisco Bay Area for more than 30 years, Mr. Hou Ning has drawn numerous oil paintings reflecting natural landscape and people life, and donated oil paintings to Stanford University's Center for East Asian Studies and East Asian Library who have research program on Chinese railroad workers' history. Ren appraised Mr. Hou for his efforts to promote China-US cultural exchanges and people's friendship between China and USA.

From left, Shu Jianhua, Ren Faqiang, David J. Canepa, Hou Ning, Hou Ning's wife, Francisco Hsieh  

On behalf of County of San Mateo, Mr. David J. Canepa issued a proclamation to Mr. Hou and declare April 29 as "Ning Hou Day".

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