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Consul General Luo Linquan Gives Keynote Speech at Berkeley Rotary Club

On May 11, 2016, Consul General Luo Linquan was invited to give a keynote speech on Sino-US relationship and China's development at the luncheon meeting of the Berkeley Rotary Club. Rotary 5160 District Governor 5160 Ken Courville, Berkeley Rotary Club President Anne Pardee, many former 5160 District governors, Berkeley Club presidents and other Rotary members and guests around 80 persons attended the event.

(Consul General Luo is delivering a 30-minute speech)

Before the keynote speech, Rotary conferred the Paul Harris Fellow Award to Dr. Yeung Ching-Sen, who is in his 90's and have committed his life time to promoting the China-US exchanges.

(Rotarian Mary Alice Rathbun is conferring the award to Dr.Yeung)

Consul General Luo congratulated Dr. Yeung before going to his speech. Luo pointed out the in recognizing Dr. Yeung, the Rotary Club reminds us the importance of people-to-people exchanges in better understanding and friendly relations between Chinese and American peoples and encourages more people to participate in it. Luo said, although China and the United States are far from each other geographically, the people of our two countries, nonetheless, have a long history of friendly exchanges. Since China and the United States established diplomatic relations 37 years ago, huge progress has been achieved between our two countries in fields of politics, economy and trade, and people-to people exchanges. Currently, Chinese government and its people are in the great endeavor of realizing two centenary goals. To reach this goal, China is further its reform in all respects and implementing a development approach characterized by five key concepts: innovation, coordination, green growth, openness and sharing. The centenary goals dictate the nature of China's policies, both domestic and foreign. What China needs most is a harmonious and stable domestic environment and a peaceful and tranquil international environment. Turbulence or war runs against the fundamental interests of the Chinese people. China has no intention nor the capabilities to challenge the leading role of the United States in the world. What China seeks is to rise from its own past, not to challenge or threaten anyone else.

After the speech, many Rotarians came forth to thank Consul General Luo for his wonderful speech which made them better understand China and Sino-US relations.



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