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Consul General and Mrs. Gao Zhansheng Attended Two "Happy Chinese New Year" Events of the Silicon Valley Culture Groups

    On February 4, 2012, Consul General and Mrs. Gao Zhansheng attended the "Huayin Cup – Chinese Music International Competition" hosted by The Chinese Musicians Association of America (CMAA) in the Music Department of San Jose State University, and the 4th "Spring Festival Silicon Valley" in San Jose Center for the Performing Arts.

Consul General Gao Presented Gold Prize to the Winner

    Consul General Gao presented prizes to the Competition winners and conveyed his congratulations on the success of the competition.

Consul General and Mrs. Gao Took Pictures with All the Judges, Winners and Staffs after the Show

    Consul General Gao and Senator Dianne Feinstein sent congratulatory messages to the 4th "Spring Festival Silicon Valley". Gonsul General Gao highly appraised the efforts of the local culture groups on promoting China traditional culture and wished all of the guests good health and a prosperous year. Some 1500 audiences watched the performance.

Group Dance of the 4th "Spring Festival Silicon Valley"



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