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2013 "Happy Chinese New Year" online quiz and essay contest


Do you know on what day the Spring Festival falls in the 2013 Gregorian calendar and which animal represents 2013 in China? Do you want to share your story about Chinese culture with global web users?

On February 1, 2013, the 2013 global "Happy Chinese New Year" online quiz and essay contest opens. We look forward to your participation! You can show off your knowledge about China and share your China story, learn interesting things, and have the opportunity to win a special gift.

The activity is sponsored by Bureau for External Cultural Relations of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and is presented on Chinaculture.org. As an important part of the "Happy Chinese New Year" branding initiative being undertaken by the Ministry of Culture, it will be the world's most authoritative and most influential online interactive activity about the Chinese Spring Festival in 2013. The competition will run until the end of April 2013.

The online quiz is presented in English but participants can use any language for the essay contest. Only 100 winners will be selected from the draw based on the results of the quiz, and 20 winners and more participation award winners will be selected from the essay contest. The results will be announced in late May 2013 on Chinaculture.org, and prizes will be sent to the winners.

If you care about and love Chinese culture, please pay close attention to the upcoming "Happy Chinese New Year" online activity on www.chinaculture.org.


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