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Task force team for Sino-California infrastructure investment and development established in San Francisco

On October 5th, 2017, the Task force team for Sino- California infrastructure investment and development establishment ceremony was hosted in San Francisco. The ceremony was attended by Consul General Luo Linquan, Deputy Consul General Ren Faqiang, Special Advisor of California Governor Dr. Dai Fan. The task force team would be to pursue new cooperation between China and California in the infrastructure field, to integrate the advantages among Chinese infrastructure construction companies, actively take part in the infrastructure development in California, and also to discover the cooperation model that Chinese companies could team up with California companies in “Belt and Road” countries. Economic and Commercial Counselor Yang Yihang presided the ceremony, more than 50 representatives from Chinese provinces, cities and companies attended the ceremony.

Consul General Luo delivered remarks

In his remarks, Consul General pointed out that, in April this year, President Xi Jinping met the U.S. president in the Mar-a-Lago. Two leaders agreed to promote bilateral investment and trade, discuss the potential cooperation in energy and infrastructure. In June, California Governor Jerry Brown visited China, and cordially welcomed by President Xi Jinping. Governor Brown reached extensive consensus in the field of potential infrastructure development and energy cooperation during his meeting with Chinese ministers and provincial leaders.

From left to right: Yang Yihang, Dai Fan, Luo Linquan,

Wang Lei, Ren Faqiang

Consul General Luo suggested four points for the Task force Team. Firstly, strengthen the communication and information sharing; Secondly, discover an efficient pattern for cooperation in infrastructure field; Thirdly, build up the pragmatic platform for different infrastructure fields; And the last but not the least, discuss the potential cooperation in the “Belt and Road” altogether.

Dr Dai Fan delivered remarks

Special Advisor of California governor Dr. Dai Fan introduced the planning and opportunities in California infrastructure development, the insight of California’s perspective on Belt and Road, and warmly welcomed the Task force Team to join the California infrastructure development.

Group photo

The members of the Task force team include many top 500 companies in the world, like PowerChina, China Telecommunications, ICBC, etc.

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