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Consul General Luo Linquan host reception for Young Professionals Group of Asia Society Northern California
On June 22, 2016, Chinese Consul General Luo Linquan hosted a reception for the Young Professionals Group (YPG) of Asia Society Northern California, to bring members of YPG, staff of Consul General and Chinese entrepreneurs to meet and exchange views. Co-Chair of Asia Society Director Board Mr. Kenneth Wilcox, Co-Chair of YPG Mr. Oropeza De Cortez-Caballero, Deputy Head of Chinese Enterprises Association Mr. Kang Jiande and about 100 members from YPG and Chinese Enterprises Association attended the reception.
In Consul General' welcome remarks, Luo said that this was the very first one the Consulate General had ever held to connect a US organization with Chinese enterprises in northern California, and the very first one the Consulate General had ever held that focuses on young people. This event helped to foster a closer business tie between Northern California and China, and through the exchanges and cooperation at the sub-national level to further promote China-US relations.As Young people is the future of China-US bilateral relations, we should try our best to promote the mutual-understanding between young generations of our two countries.
Luo also pointed out, China maintains the 3rd largest export market of California while China is California's number one importing country. Bilateral trade volume between China and California reached 157.9 billion in 2015, accounting for 26% of China-US trade volume. In 2015, Chinese investment in California has reached 3.4 billion, which accounts for 22% of Chinese investment in the United States. Amity between people holds the key to sound relations between states. In 2016, "China-U.S. tourism year" will strongly promote people to people communication and exchange between the two countries. More than 5 million tourists are expected to travel between China and U.S. this year. Chinese Consulate General is ready to work with Asia Society Northern California and Chinese enterprises here to promote practical cooperation and mutual understanding between our two countries, to contribute to the welfare of our two peoples.
Mr. Wilcox delivered his remarks in Chinese, expressing his thanks to Consul General Luo and wishing the existing close relationship between Chinese Consulate General and Asia society a firmer one.
YPG is an arm of Asia Society Northern California, aiming to connect globally-minded young professionals among age 21 to 39 in efforts to foster innovation and progress.
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