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Consulate General of P.R. China in San Francisco launch Consular Service on Compus event


Consular Service on Compus lecture launched by Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco was held on Nov.16 in University of Washington in Seattle. Consul General Gao Zhansheng attend the event with more than 200 overseas Chinese students. Also present were speakers from University of Washington, local Police Department, Seattle CBP and Chinese-American attorney office.

Consul General Gao introduced the consular protective achievement made by Chinese Government in recent years, expound the service provided by the Consulate on the overseas students, and explain the importance of preventative consular protection. Mr. Gao also recommended the remarkable achievement of Sino-Us relations in the past 40 yeas.


The speakers 'topics include the content of Consular Protection, the most frequent crime against students, police reminder, rules of student's visa, how to get help from attorney and etc.

Consular Service on Compus in Portland was held on Nov.18 in Portland State University. Deputy Consul General Yi Xianrong attend the event with more than 100 overseas Chinese students.

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