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Chinese Consulate General hosts a special seminar on Chinese tourists' safety


On June 19th, the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco hosted a special seminar on Chinese tourists' safety. "The safety of Chinese tourists is always an important issue for our Consulate General in San Francisco", Consul General Yuan Nansheng remarked. He also stressed that while about 1.8 million Chinese visited the US in 2013, prevention has become the best strategy to protect Chinese nationals traveling abroad from any possible danger. As students in China are about to wrap up their semesters and get ready for a two-month summer break, San Francisco should expect to receive many more Chinese tourists soon, said Song Ru'an, Deputy Consul General in San Francisco, "We are hopeful that tourists from China will have a safe and pleasant stay in the Bay Area, and to achieve this, we will work closely with travel agencies, police departments and individuals."






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