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Acceptable forms of payments and List of Fees
  • For pick-up in person, we will only accept Master Card, Visa Card , and Money Order, Cashier's Check or Official Check payable to Chinese Consulate.
  • No cash accepted. No company and personal check accepted.
  • For mail service, only money order accepted.


    Number of Entry


    Citizens of other countries

    Single Entry within 3 months



    Double Entry within 6 months



    Multiple Entry within 6 Months



    Multiple Entry within 12Months



    2. Passport

    Passport Replacement (regular)


    Passport Reissue(irregular,  lost or damaged)


    Passport Amendment(name, photo)


    3. Notarization and Authentication

  • Ordinary/Civil Document(Chinese Nationality, per document)


    Commercial/Property(Chinese Nationality, per document)


    Ordinary/Civil Document(Other Nationality, per document)


    Commercial/Property(Other Nationality, per document)


  • 4. Communication Fees (Not Including the Application Fees)

    HKSAR Visa Application


    HKSAR Passport Application


    5. Mailing Handing Fee

    $5 per Package

    6Rush Fees

    1 day


    2-3 working days



    • The visa fees for citizens of some other countries may differ from the listed above without notice.
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